The Grand River is For Everyone

It’s a place for exploring, relaxing, getting active and reconnecting with nature. It has a rich history in Grand Rapids—from a source of travel and food for the original native communities to a place of gathering, entertainment and recreation today.

We’re a team of partners working with the community to make sure the Grand River remains a clean, safe and vibrant resource for all to enjoy. Our river’s story is still being told and you can be a part of it.

River Projects

There are a lot of projects happening in and along the Grand River. From restoring the rapids to creating equitable access to the river’s edge, we’re turning the community’s vision for a River For All into reality.

Visit the River

Explore 200+ acres of river edge parks. Run, walk or bike the network of trails along the banks. Attend year-round community events in the heart of the Grand Rapids with the Grand River as the backdrop. There are countless ways to connect with our river.

About the River

The Grand River has always been an important icon of Grand Rapids. The first people used it as means for transportation and a source for food. Later, it was a major driver of the logging and furniture boom. Today, the community is reconnecting with the river more than ever.

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